About the Marketing Circle

The B2B sales process has changed significantly in the past couple of years, let alone in 2020 with the global pandemic and for many companies having to undertake a complete rethink in how they sell and market to their targets.

As well as this change, the global media supply chain has got longer and wider resulting in many new types of companies being involved in media and entertainment.

Following many discussions with business executives and the marketing teams that work with them, and a need and desire to discuss all of this with their counterparts the Marketing Leaders Circle was created.

Marketing has always been a multi-faceted role so we will welcome anyone that works in the function including events, product marketing, social media and PR and communications.

Being part of the Circle will give you a trusted environment to meet and converse with fellow marketers in your part of the media supply chain, as well as those that are in other parts of it either sector or geographically. As all Circle members have to be approved and sponsors will not be given platform access you will not be directly sold to in this environment and you will have the option whether to share your details or not with fellow Circle members.

We want the Circle to be educational, collaborative and give you a way to connect and we will welcome your input into how we can improve it.



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